Company introduction

The story of tourism in the Karst is connected with hotels in Sežana and a restaurant in Lokev.

Prunk Tourism introduction

Marko Prunk began his successful career thirty years ago as a manager in a butcher’s shop in Lokev. The excellent location in the immediate vicinity of the Italian border and the good name that the butcher has gained through the quality of the meat, the work and the attitude towards customers have contributed to the flourishing of the business. After 1990, Marko Prunk bought the butcher’s shop and became an independent entrepreneur. Four years later, he expanded his basic food business to catering and opened a restaurant in the center of Sežana.

He also invested in the following years, until today, when three companies operate under the auspices of Marko Prunk: Postojnske mesnine and Mesarija Prunk in Slovenia and Prunk Carni on the Italian side, where he has 6 stores. Today, as many as 21 establishments are united under the Prunk brand. They employ 100 people in Slovenia and 24 in Italy. They supply with meat and meat products the local stores and supermarkets, as well as public institutions, hotels and restaurants in the area of Ljubljana, Notranjska, Primorska and Goriška. He is the main sponsor of the Sežana Basketball Club.

In order for Prunk products to reach an even wider circle of consumers, a restaurant has been set up as part of the new production and business plant in Lokev.

In 2016, he decided to buy a hotel and a new story happened in the Prunk family. The Prunk tourism brand, which today includes two hotels and a catering establishment. He received an award for a businessman from Primorska for his persistent work and efforts in investing in the growth and expansion of the company.

Prunk’s story is helped by his son Andrej, sister Marta and a team of employees.